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The Kris Kelly Foundation was founded by Kris Kelly after many years of dreaming of her own Non-Profit to save animals from abuse, slaughter, and neglect. The Foundation is taking an approach to not only work for animals but work for people also.

When Kris Kelly was in 5th grade she read a book for a book report about an old lady and an old horse. They were friends and spent a lot of time together. Kris remembers her teacher asking her over and over “Why do you think they are such good friends”….as Kris was talking her teacher kept saying “Keep talking…keep talking”. Kris finally said “Because they are BOTH lonely and need each other”. The teacher gave her a big smile and then an A on her oral book report.

That scene has run through Kris’s mind over the years. She didn’t know what would come of this memory that she couldn’t shake. As she grew older she developed a yearning to have the elderly, animals, and children work together.

The Kris Kelly Foundation is an animal rescue organization that embraces the elderly and children (that includes teenagers).

People have to understand that they have to live with the animals and animals NEED people. We all need each other. We are all one and together we can all help the ones in need heal.

There are a lot of lonely souls that are in need of healing and The Kris Kelly Foundation is here to find those souls and then heal them. Souls come in all ages, sizes, skin colors, fur, skin, and races. We embrace everyone. Whatever costume you wear on your journey in this life underneath the costume is a being that is full of love.

We at The Kris Kelly Foundation embrace “Humanity” and we give dignity and a voice to the animals that need someone to do it for them.

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When giving is a way of life

May 16, 2012


Kris Kelly named her passion at a young age. She loved the animals and felt compelled to help them in whatever ways she could. This fire from within paved the way for her animal advocacy. Kris began rescuing and fostering animals before she moved to Los Angeles where her desire and compassion to make a difference became more formalized. As a volunteer at both the Amanda Foundation, and the Lange Foundation, Kris learned the best ways to care for the needy animals. She counts Gillian Lange as both her hero and mentor; this confidence spurred Kris on to start her own 5013c non-profit animal rescue- The Kris Kelly Foundation. www.thekriskellyfoundation.org

What makes this dynamic woman a force to be reckoned with? She gets things done. Essentially, her mission at her Foundation is to save animals from abuse, neglect and slaughter, as well as to find them safe, loving homes. Illegal backyard breeding, and selling dogs in stores, largely supplied by inhumane puppy mills, are areas that drive Kris into action. She participates in peaceful protests to help influence the minds and motives of those who can make a sea change by switching from selling bred dogs that have lived a tortured life in puppy mills, to adopting rescued animals. She petitions a multitude of sources, networks consistently on Facebook, and engages law enforcement to use the power they have been given to crack-down on illegal backyard breeding.

Besides utilizing carefully chosen foster homes to assist in caring for animals her Foundation rescues, Kris holds garage sales, conducts mobile adoptions and participates in fundraisers to help cover the impressive bills necessary to cover all of the intricacies of running her organization, as well as the formidable veterinary costs including shots, spay/neuter procedures, and medicines. Her dream of her owning a facility will no doubt materialize if tenacity and drive have anything to do with it.

Kris is as devoted to helping save a 500 pound pig from a concrete backyard, or relocating a dozen hens as she is to improving the life of an abandoned cat or dog; to her, all life is precious. She feels her own rescue animals, like so many others she has saved, are heaven sent. They are messengers that teach about the power of unconditional love. Kris has learned that lesson well.

About Kris


Kris Kelly grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. After graduating Greenwich High School, she moved to NYC to study acting at the American Academy. She performed with the 23rd Street Playhouse for a couple of years before coming to Los Angeles to work in film and TV.

Kris has loved animals since she was very young. It was when she started volunteering with the Amanda Foundation and Lange Foundation that she realized how many abused and neglected animals there were who needed homes. She vowed to donate her life to helping these furry friends with no voice.

“I rescue animals but really they have rescued me.” – Kris Kelly